Our new STAR Product

32″ Standalone Kiosk

15.6” Table-top Digital Signage

What is ‘Cloud Media player’

Connect with the shopper

Retail Shelf-talker – You can Engage / Educate about your product Metal Body attractive Display for Superstores and Counters

Connect with the shopper — Once your materials command the shopper’s attention, you must ensure the shopper recognizes what it stands for, but you don’t have much time – usually 1 second or less. If your Digital Display / POS doesn’t register as recognizable and relevant, the shopper moves on without a second thought


Why ThinSign Digital Signage Solution

ThinSignt Digital Signage Software is easy to use and intuitive. The software allows any user, even one with very limited IT experience to create, schedule, broadcast and manage Digital Signage campaigns in just a few steps.

Screen with Embedded Media Player


CounterTop with Leaflet Dispenser