About US

Establish Your Wow Factor

Established in 2008, we’re a leading manufacturer and service provider of Thin Clients and Small Form Factor PC / Mini PC to the Indian private sector. We are also manufacturer of MEDIA PLAYERS, which is most important component of any project.

When a client walks into your office, do you think “WOW” runs through their mind? If wow is the reaction you’re looking for, Digital Signage Solutions might be the answer. ThinPC Team, offers a bundle that includes all the necessary hardware, software and support, as well as installation.

Bundled for Convenience

Bundling everything into one package takes the pressure off you, the user, to get this solution up and running. With ThinPC’s Display Signage Solutions, everything is included. You get the hardware, including a Display Screens and mounting equipment, software, installation and support. Finally, a digital signage bundle for your business with all the tools you need in one affordable package, and virtually no technical knowledge required. You let us know where you want your message to be seen, and we’ll help with the rest — even content.

With 1000+ Digital Signage Installations in India, we are the Proven Leaders in this Industry.