Live TV Digital Signage




A perfect combination of TV and digital signage to boost your business With the Thinsign TV Player. You gain combined Live TV and digital signage that can enhance the customers’ in-store experience. These ThinSign TV Player deliver entertaining content through live TV channels, as well as impactful store advertising such as promotions and special events. By more effectively providing this kind of engaging and informative content you can boost revenue. Plus, the solution’s ample flash memory provides high content playing performance to dazzle your viewers. Create and update custom content directly on your PC with no hassle ThinSign Content Management is easy-to-use professional tools for simple content scheduling and deployment. This can be done by selecting the desired template from over samples, customizing the layout to your specific needs and then setting the schedule for a convenient way to deliver your promotional content. With ThinSign CMS easy content management solution, you can easily schedule content with your PC. ThinSign TV Player has an embedded Wi-Fi solution for hassle-free connectivity allowing you to simply download the content and play it on the screen. You can upload your content directly to ThinSign TV Player and then instantly play the uploaded content on the screen. Keep your business running with reliable and durable ThinSign TV signage with commercial-grade technologies for dependable and continuous usage. ThinSign TV Player can operate up to 16 hours per day, even in harsh conditions such as high temperatures or high humidity for reliable use in various business environments.